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Our Services

What Services do Primary Care Specialists Offer?

For the better you

General Health Care

Our perspective on healthcare is not just focusing on the absence of disease but in providing unmatched care options that improve patients' overall state of well being. 

Strengthening your individual care

Chronic Care Program

We work with patients to improve their health and quality of life while living with chronic conditions such as Alzheimer's, cancer, depression, diabetes and so much more. 

Complete continuity of care

Priority Care

Injury and sickness are never planned. It’s also never consistent. It can happen any time of the week at any part of the day so we’ve established our Priority Care clinic to provide care during extended hours with advance care equipment so you can; Get In, Get Out, Get Better.

When accidents happen


We provide general services for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of disorders with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. 

View the inner you


Health issues are often happening below the surface. Our x-ray and other internal visualization techniques are used to diagnose and treat a variety of unexpected health issues. 

Children medical care


Our team is dedicated to work with children of all ages and discover the root causes of health issues or pains. We also provide childhood immunizations and vaccinations. 

How we do it?

Our Process

We train and prepare ourselves with industry-leading programs in order to efficiently operate and treat our patients as the leaders of healthcare in Southeast Idaho. Our providers become more than doctors during the appointments. They become coaches, friends and guides. 

What we do

We listen to you

If you have any reservation about being just a patient statistic--you can now rest assured that we at PCS don't see patients as just patients. We see people, as people. We see people with different stories, different needs and we welcome you to the PCS family!

We give you 

Our unmatched care

Primary Care Specialists is one of Southeastern Idaho's most reputable clinics. Our providers are active in supporting the community and many of our family members play on the same sidelines you do. We're striving as a medical facility to provide more accessible and quality care to elevate the standard of care in the region. 

We're specialists in care

In every sense of the word

The terrain of healthcare can often be difficult and stressful to navigate through. We try our hardest to eliminate the common barriers the exist between patient and provider as well a smake the process of recovery and maintaining good health as personable and smooth as possible. 

Great practice means great health care

Primary Care Specialists in Action

Medical Opportunity

Each patient will be treated equally with our expertise, compassion and integrity. 


Our dedication to the patient is our top priority. Each day we strive to have kids leave healthier, parents leave happier and every patient's experience is remarkable. 


Primary Care Specialists were designed to have dynamic and multiple treating departments so expected or unexpected medical care needs are always met. 


Our efforts to maintain or improve patients' healthcare needs are done with compassion, understanding and kindness. 

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